Saturday, September 27, 2008

Some Ridiculous Questions

James Call: Dumbass here, to try to answer some questions I really don't know the answer to at all. I'll try my best!

Reader "Skinny D" asks:

1. Why do we call eggplants eggplants?

Dude, that is a good question. Is it because they were used as a substitute for eggs at one point? Is it because they're sort of chewy, like a hardboiled egg? Is it because of their shape? I don't even know where eggplants come from. Outer space, probably. Next question.

2. What is the meaning of the word psychotropic.

Oh man. I almost know the answer to this. Ok, I think it has to do with the experience of sensation, not eyesight (I think) but touch, and taste, and smell. Like if you take a "psychotropic hallucinogen," it's going to make your skin feel tingly and your sense of smell really intense. Right? I don't really know. Tropic, tropic... fuck, what is the word root of that bitch. It definitely doesn't have anything to do with "the tropics". If only you can asked me to define "Star Tropics!" A great NES game by, I believe, Capcom. "Psycho" does definitely imply that it interacts with your mind (your psyche).

3. What the hell is this? See attached picture.(I honestly have no idea, I found it while searching for MP3's of Walrus sounds)

Ok, that's NOT a meerkat, nor is it a bonobo money. It appears to be some creature native to Southern Africa, however... the red earth there is fairly unique. I suppose that could also be the American Southwest, but do we really have crazy shit like that down there? I know we have scorpions and walking sticks and praying mantises, but not this crazy thing. It looks like a member of the money family, which is my least favorite animal kingdom (or whatever) around. Sorry I don't have a better answer for you. Looks like it's having a good time, though!

What the Fuck is This?


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Alex Call said...

that's a lemur, as any father of a five year-old could tell you - there's one on is great..Turkic is basically a language group, not an ehthicity - thouhg mnay groups are ethnically close as well, of course.. an unreltaed but culturally intersting note: took Aidan to the nearby park to play baseball.. local Kurds ( large population in nashville, since we're so close to Kirkuk) were having their post-ramadan Eid feast/party/pinic.. a group of 30-40 year-oldish men set out a nice rug on the grass and sat, crossed-legged and played some sort of vicious gambling game , with much earnest and loud discussion... all we needed were a winged Bulls and some water-wheels, et voila! Kurdistan!